Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere

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The lighting design for the Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere was developed by an integrated team of Anci and the Municipality of Fossacesia, under the artistic direction of Marco Frascarolo. Located on a promontory overlooking the Adriatic Sea, the Abbey dominates the nearby coast for several kilometers to the north and south, draws great strength from its panoramic position and is perceived from different points of view. The design intent was to make the architectural volume visible in its entirety even at night at great distances without inserting elements that invading the visual field of visitors could disturb the perception of the building in its natural backdrop consisting of olive trees and the sea. To obtain a soft and enveloping lighting of all the parts that make up the volume, a lighting system from below was chosen, made with very sophisticated optics designed to fully illuminate the surfaces of the facades, while to ensure the correct view of the upper part of the central nave and apses were used miniaturized projectors.

Location: Fossacesia, Chieti
Year : 2019
ANCI co-design in collaboration with: Paolo Rinaldi, Silvano Sgariglia
Client: ANCI – Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani
Type: Outdoor
Photo Credits: FABERtechnica
FABERtechnica for the Abbey of San Giovanni in Venere is *:
Project Manager and Scientific Coordinator of ANCI’s task force: Marco Frascarolo
Preliminary studies by: Sara Forlain, Gilda Magni, Stella Cardella,  *assignment entrusted to each individual professional