Auditorium Conciliazione Foyer







The design of the interactive space linked to the show “Last Judgment”, a show created by Marco Balich, with the scientific advice of the Vatican Museums, to offer the public a unique sensory journey, an emotional experience that has one of the most important and admired places in the world: the Sistine Chapel, has as its objective the transformation of the foyer of the Conciliazione Auditorium which hosts it, into a dynamic immersive environment that accompanies visitors inside the show or excites them during the potential purchase of tickets. The backbone of the system is the grazing lighting of the ceiling’s  shells with independent RGBW LED modules in order to be able to build dynamic or static scenarios with respect to the quantity and tone of light and to characterize portions of the space in a different way, managed by a single DMX system together with the LED wall modules so that the light can vary in sync with the video images or that the videos become surfaces of light that complete the lighting system. The project was not carried out.

Location: Roma
Year : 2017
Director and Artistic Director of the Show: Marco Balich
Client: Artainment Worldwide Shows
Type: Exhibition & Events
Photo Credits: FABERtechnica
FABERtechnica for Auditorium Conciliazione Foyer is:
Project manager and scientific coordinator: Marco Frascarolo
Project coordinator: Stella Cardella
Collaborators: Nicola Melone