Elica FTK Pavillion – Salone del Mobile in Milan








The Elica stand at Eurocucina, designed by Labics architecture studio in collaboration with Fabertechnica for the lighting design, is inspired by the idea of ​​the city. An articulated, open and continuous space in which a series of buildings make up the rooms, interior spaces, a metaphor for the house and domestic space. The theme of the room allows you to come into contact with the novelties presented by the brand, to get to know and interact with them in a more intimate way while the large public space, made up of streets and squares as in the city, allows you to experience the company in its entirety. For the lighting, we thought of a diffused warm light to create a domestic atmosphere, which converges in areas of colder light, where we want to highlight the highly technological character of the Elica product. The dialectic between complementary elements, declined in the choice of materials and shades of light, was emphasized by chiaroscuro effects and variations in the direction of the light beams. The will is to create visual hierarchies and keys to interpret the spaces of living that are always different, in line with the Elica concept, which finds its maximum expression in the Inspired cooking environment where the kitchen is overturned and the light helps to perceive this world upside down.  The daily, ordinary action of the hood, of sucking in steam, is transformed into a moment of spectacle in the Silence space, where periodically the hoods are activated to suck smoke, which assumes consistency and color in a dynamic way with the light, thanks to the use of home automation and connectivity (IOT, Internet of Things), another innovative element on which Elica focuses.

Location: Fiera Milano, Rho
Year : 2018
Architect: Labics
Client: Elica S.p.A.
Type: Exhibitions & Events
Photo Credits: Elica S.p.A. 
FABERtechnica for Elica Pavillion is:
Project Manager and Scientific Coordinator: Marco Frascarolo
Project coordinator: Sara Forlani
Collaborator: Sara Iacoponi