Porta San Sebastiano

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The project, born from the collaboration between Roma Capitale and ACEA, aims to enhance the monument and improve the quality of the light of one of the most important and best preserved doors in Rome. The modernization of the system, now obsolete, was therefore carried out with the installation of LED technology, reducing both the aesthetic impact of the projectors and energy consumption, while respecting the environment and sustainability. To create the new lighting system, ACEA installed the following systems: 2 projectors with narrow horizontal elliptical optics which illuminate the central part in particular; 6 projectors with 30 ° rotosimetric optics that illuminate the upper semicircular part of the towers; 14 round recessed luminaires with a wallwasher optic to illuminate the lower part of the travertine towers; 2 linear recessed systems with grazing optics positioned inside the arch to emphasize the access door and the historical engravings. The intervention was preceded by an in-depth study carried out on the entire system of the Aurelian Walls conducted with the support of the Department of Architecture of Roma Tre, by virtue of a collaboration started with Areti starting from 2018. In collaboration with the Capitoline Superintendency, the MIBACT and the Appia Antica Archaeological Park, two different color temperatures were chosen taking into consideration the composition of both brick and travertine of the monument

Location: Roma
Year : 2021
In Collaboration with: Sovrintendenza Capitolina, MIBACT, Parco Archeologico dell’Appia Antica
Client: Areti, Dipartimento di Architettura di Roma Tre
Type: Outdoor
Photo Credits: Archivio Acea and Matteo Mucciante
FABERtechnica for Porta San Sebastiano is* :
Project manager and scientific coordinator: Marco Frascarolo
Project coordinator: Maria Fernanda Pellecer
Collaborators: Maria Elena Cannata, Matteo Mucciante
*Project individually entrusted to professionals