Villa Balbiano




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Located on the western shore of Lake Como, Villa Balbiano is an exceptional historic palace that once belonged to the famous Cardinal Tolomeo Gallio, who built it in the late 16th century and used it as his main residence. Today, it is the largest private residence on the lake, occupying over 2 ha, with a large and sumptuous garden. The Villa has been completely renovated, Its historic interiors have been filled with the best art objects and furniture of the past centuries, from Sotheby and Christie, while the spectacular 17th century frescoes, painted by the Recchi and Agostino Silva brothers, still decorate the walls, untouched by time. We were asked to illuminate the spaces using small luminaires, with a predominantly direct light that integrates chandeliers and abat-jours chosen by the Interior designers.

Location: Ossuccio, Como Lake
Year : 2018
Architect: CPA Arch – Carlota Proenca de Almeida
Interior Designer: Studio Jacques
Client: Privat
Type: Residential
Photo Credits: The Heritage Collection e FABERtechnica
FABERtechnica for Villa Balbiano is:
Project Manager and Scientific coordinator: Marco Frascarolo
Project coordinator: Stella Cardella
Collaborators: Maria Pia CosentinoElisa Forlini