Casa Italia – Pyeongchang Winter Olympics









Fabertechnica has again been called upon to take care of the lighting design of Casa Italia, this time on the occasion of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, where a summer glof club has been transformed into a modern, elegant chalet characterized by Italian design. The challenge for us was to give the feeling of the typical warmth and comfort of mountain huts by means of light, interacting with the, extremely oriented towards cool light temepratures, modern Korean light culture. The functional and architectural light has been studied with the goal of merging with the decorative light in a single system made of light and dark and soft signs that give strength to the design elements that generate the spaces and atmospheres. For the works of art we worked in some cases with a neutral light that ensures an optimal view of the artwork, while in other cases it was necessary to work by subtraction to ensure the artworks – light installations – the correct protagonism.

Location: Pyeongchang
Year : 2018
Architect: Luca Galliano
Interior Designer, Gallery: Secondome, Ex-elettrofonica
Client: CONI
Type: Retail and Hospitality
Photo Credits: Rohspacell
FABERtechnica for Casa Italia Pyeongchang is:
Project Manager: Marco Frascarolo
Project coordinator: Stella Cardella
Design team: Marco Frascarolo, Stella Cardella, Giulia Aloisio