Italian Chamber of Deputies

Vealrio della Camera dei Deputati Roma



Fregio Sartorio

The project for the adaptation of the lighting system of the chamber’s skylight was preceded by a preparatory phase of in-depth study of the existing diffusion system and the most suitable¬†luminaires type to meet the energy, aesthetic and conservation set objectives. This first phase was followed by the installation of the experimental portion of luminaires and an analysis and monitoring campaign that confirmed the provisions of the project in terms of energy saving, adjustment of lighting levels and installation effectiveness, forming the basis for the completion of the project. The new lighting system of the hemicycle chamber has achieved the set goal of adjusting the lighting levels for the performance of visual tasks on horizontal planes and reducing energy consumption.

To further balance the luminances, ensuring that all the architectural and material elements are adequately represented, the last project step had the vertical surfaces as a specific focus. To obtain a good overall visual quality, we have inserted lighting fixtures inside the grandstands and behind the windows above the pictorial frieze, in order to direct the light flows also from the side walls.

Location: Montecitorio, Roma
Year : 2019
Electrical engineer: Giuseppe Parise, Francesco Sala
Client: Italian Chamber of Deputies
Tipologia: Cultural Heritage
Photo Credits: FABERtechnica
FABERtechnica for the Italian Chamber of Deputies is:
Project Manager and Scientific Coordinator: Marco Frascarolo
Project Coordinator: Stella Cardella
Collaborators: Alessia Fiorini, Sara Forlani, Nicola Melone, Chiara Cintio, Davide Buggionovi, Edoardo Ferrari, Sara Iacoponi, Beatrice Rossi